Welcome to the website of lovers of tools former flame, the purpose of the site is to publicize the association to all those who are interested in antiques to flame and share the knowledge of these objects, good and pleasant visit.

Objectives of our Association


L'Association Française des Amateurs d'Outils Anciens à Flamme

Association Déclarée à But non Lucratif n° W212000628

Loi du 1er juillet 1901, J.O. du 14.10.1992 n° 244

Modifications du 29.09.2012, J.O. du 16.03.2013 n°396

CCP 0292831-H-DIJON


This French, cultural and scientific Association is designed to highlight the history of the heritage of

'Former Flame Tool'.

Its actions are oriented towards: searching, backup, restoration, enhancement, implementation and knowledge of these tools at the global level. Our cultural exchanges have also aimed to gather passionate amateurs and arouse international bonds of friendship.

Blowtorch does not date from yesterday, his story begins in France, more than two centuries ago; specifically, it is in 1798, nine years after the storming of the Bastille, the citizen Théodore Pierre BERTIN filed a patent, which can be found at the INPI in PARIS, registered under n ° 22/283 to 407. His invention barbarian named "Docimastique lamp" or "Fountain of fire" which later became the l'EOLIPILE.


(Extract from "the history of blowtorch")


Around the world, there are approximately six thousand five hundred models of lamps and other tools to flames, made by over six hundred and fifty brands of manufacturers over a period that exceeds one hundred fifty years.


In 2005 the French EXPRESS brand celebrated its 100th anniversary.


In 2012 we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our association which is unique in France;


Two other associations are known in the world,


USA: The Blow Torch Collectors Association (B.T.C.A.) & GB: The Blowlamp Society.


The Association organizes, two or three times a year, a gathering of collectors with exposure of their finest pieces (the region, place, organizational arrangements, see section meetings)


One of our Belgian members organized in Belgium mid-March, a gathering; Invited by English, Dutch, Germans, Belgians, Swiss and French collectors


The President of the AFAOAF