Club des Amateurs d'Outils Anciens à Flamme


In May 1987, Mr R.Langlois creates a circle (law 1901) and then he brings Mrs. J.Guilbert, M.Dornier and M.Saunier. This is the beginning of the association.


In 1989 Mr J.Guilbert is Honorary President of this circle named "Circle of the Lampterophiles of tools flame veterans de Sainte Pélagie" 75005


20/09/1992 Mr Saunier creates the Club of lovers of tools elders to flame. He is President, Mr J.Pisapia Vice President and Mr J.Guilbert Trésorier.

The first Gazette prepared by Mrs. M.Duval, R.Langlois and Ph.Touillet was published in January 1996









20 years of the club

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