It is based between the adherents to the present statutes an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and Decree of August 16, 2001, entitled:

'Club of lovers of tools former flame' abbreviation «Club des A.O.A.F. ".

For effective February 1, 2013 new title is:

«Association française de tools flame old lovers» abbreviation, 'the AFAOAF '.


This cultural and scientific association is designed to highlight the history of 'the old flame tool' heritage.

Its actions are oriented towards: searching, backup, restoration, enhancement, implementation and knowledge of these tools at the global level.
Our cultural exchanges have also aimed to gather passionate amateurs and arouse international bonds of friendship.



The registered office is fixed at:


Les Giraudoux Sud - 24150 LALINDE 


It may be transferred by simple decision of the Bureau; the ratification by the General Assembly will be necessary.




The association consists of:

a) active or acceding members

b) benefactor members
c) honorary members




«Admission requirements»

Be part of the association, to be approved by the Bureau which shall decide, at each of its meetings, on applications for admission.

'Members '.
(a) are active members, those who make the commitment to annually pay a fixed fee each year by the Bureau.
(b) are sustaining members, who pay an entrance fee and a fixed fee each year by the Bureau.
(c) are Honorary members, those who have rendered services reported to the association; they are exempt from contributions.



'Members - radiation '.

Membership of the association is lost by:
(a) the resignation,
(b)) the death,
(c) the cancellation made by the Bureau for non-payment of the membership fee or serious reason, the person concerned having been invited by registered letter to appear before the Bureau to provide explanations.




"Resources of the association.
The resources of the association include:
1) the amount of the duties and contributions,
(2) subsidies from the State, regions, departments, communes.
(3) The bimbeloterie of the Association




Office - Composition.
The association is governed by an Office from 2 to 8 members elected for 2 years by the General Assembly.


The Bureau is composed of:

(1) A Chairman

(2) One or more Vice-Chairmen

(3) A, where applicable a Treasurer Assistant Treasurer

(4) A, where applicable a Secretary Assistant Secretary

(5) Editors and librarians Gazette.

(6) A webmaster or Webmaster

(7) A load of Public Relations


The Office is renewed every 2 years. Members are eligible for re-election.
Vacant (withdrawal, resignation, death, other reasons, quorum not met) Office provisionally provides for the replacement of its members. Their final replacement to the next General Assembly is made. The powers of the members so elected shall cease at the time or should normally expire the term of the replaced members.



The Bureau meets at least once every six months or at the request of one quarter of its members at the Chairman's invitation.
Decisions are taken by a majority of votes; in case of sharing, the voice of the President is dominating.
Any member of the Bureau which, without excuse, will not attend three consecutive meetings, may be considered as resigned.
No one should be part of the Office if it is not major.




"Ordinary general meeting.

The General Assembly comprises all members of the association to date of their contribution, in whatever capacity they are affiliated in any way.

The ordinary General Assembly meets every year at least once per year. Fifteen days at least before the date fixed, the members of the association are convened by the Secretary. The order of the day is indicated on the summons.

The deliberations of the Assembly are taken with a quorum of half of the members of the association present or represented.

The President, assisted by the members of the Bureau, chairs the Assembly and exposes the moral situation of the association.

The Treasurer renders account of its financial management and submits the balance sheet for the approval of the Assembly, which gives quitus or not.

Moral discharge and financial discharge are subject to the vote of the members present or represented at the General Assembly.

If moral discharge is not adopted, the President must resign.

If the financial discharge is not adopted, the Treasurer must resign. In both cases the absence of discharge no concerns not the revocation of the office

It was taken after exhaustion of the agenda, replacement, by secret ballot, the members of the outgoing Bureau.

In the case of vacation, nine article applies.




«Extraordinary General Assembly.

If necessary, or at the request of half plus one of the members, the speaker convene an extraordinary general meeting, the formalities laid down in article 11.




"Rules of procedure".

Rules of procedure can be prepared by the Bureau that makes then approved by the General Assembly.

This eventual settlement fixed the various points not provided for in the Statute, including those relating to the internal administration of the association.





Dissolution pronounced by two-thirds at least of the members present at the General Assembly, one or more liquidators are appointed by it and the assets if there is place, is vested in accordance with article 9 of the law of 1 July 1901 and Decree of August 16, 1901.

These statutes were approved by the constituent Assembly of September 29, 2012.

The outgoing president,                                                                                                                                                               The incoming president


SCHENCK Honoré                                                                                                                                                                         GERARD Guy